"This is a brilliant, wide-ranging book about energy that explains in clear and compelling terms 'how we got here', the critical challenges facing our planet's citizens, and what to do about them. It should be on the top of the stack for policymakers involved in energy, defense, or infrastructure issues."

David E. Johnson, RAND Corporation

"Driven by Demand provides compelling insight into the ongoing transformation of the electric power system. The articulation of the march towards increased customer control in real time with more transparency, resiliency, and interoperability is an excellent resource for industry professionals, regulators, and consumers."

Phillip G. Harris, Chair, President and CEO of PJM (1992-2007) and presently Chair, President and CEO of Tres Amigas

"Crabtree and Jia have put forward a succinct view of where and how the power sector can move forward. While their ideas are very relevant to the developed power markets, they have presented elements that are also critical to emerging markets. Their thoughts on distributed control provide insights that can enable the electricity sectors of less-developed markets to skip forward, with some similarities to what cellular did to the fixed-line telephony industry."

Dale W. Perry, Vice President and Regional Director for Russia and Central Asia for the AES Corporation (2003-2008) and presently Managing Partner with Energy Resources of Ukraine (ERU)

"At last, a well-written, easy to understand book that tells us what is really going on with our energy systems. This book provides a deep but accessible understanding that leads to good decisions. Revealed are the levers for better energy policy and the business opportunities waiting to be seized."

Gifford Pinchot III, co-founder of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (now Pinchot University)

"Driven by Demand is an important contribution to the ongoing story of how energy resources and energy policy impact our world. The book explores, and explains, a wide range of issues related to the critical role energy plays in modern life. It should be required reading for anyone claiming to be an energy expert."

Steve Kromer, Director, Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO)

22 July 2015


Clean Tech Alliance of Washington State

Seattle, Washington

5-7 November 2015


Washington State Convention Center

Seattle, Washington

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